Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini


Measuring 121.55 x 63 x 9.9mm and weighing 111.5g, the Galaxy S3 Mini as you might have guessed is the downsized version of the Galaxy S3 which came out earlier this year. If we consider the external design, the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S3 Mini are identical, both featuring those rounded edges. However, internally, the siblings differ in some aspects.

The Galaxy S3 Mini’s dual-core NovaThor set-up clocked at 1GHz certainly can’t match the speed of the 1.4GHz quad core Cortex A9 CPU of its big brother not to mention the difference in RAM – 1GB for the Galaxy S3 Mini compared to 2GB for the Galaxy S3. Another major difference between the two is the rear camera. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S3 Mini features only a 5 MP camera (720p video) at the back and is thus very far from the photographic capabilities of the Galaxy S3. If we now take a look at the display, both devices feature Super AMOLED screens. However, the Galaxy S3 Mini’s 4inches screen doesn’t look very convincing with its much lower 480×800 pixels resolution. The fact is that many other phones with the same price as the Galaxy S3 Mini have better quality displays. If we look at the software side however, both run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

On the overall, the Galaxy S3 Mini is a decent mid-range smartphone but it is actually a bit overpriced. Other smartphones such as the Google Nexus 4 which has almost similar specifications can be obtained at a much lower price. A bit of disappointment thus here for those who maybe expected to experience the joys of the Galaxy S3 while spending less money. Its younger sibling is much less impressive.

Approximate Price: Rs 14,500

All prices mentioned are approximate based on information gathered at the time the post was written. We are trying to find a way for prices to become more current. If you are a seller and want your price to be shown, call us on 427-9225.


  1. Hi,
    where can we purchase original Samsung Galaxy batteries in Mauritius?

  2. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Call Goupille. They are the main distributor of Samsung here.

  3. Really? “Google Nexus 4 can be obtained at a much lower price than s3 mini”
    but i cant see Google Nexus 4 anywhere in mauritius 🙁
    I would like to buy the Google Nexus 4….

  4. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Like everyone on the planet, I guess 🙂

  5. Do you know where we can find the Google Nexus 4 in mauritius ???

  6. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Nowhere right now. As far as I know, the Nexus 4 is out of stock again worldwide and is not sold in Mauritius. The only option right now is to wait and ask someone abroad to get one for you as soon as it becomes available.

  7. Muhammad Hossenbaccus says:

    I wish to buy a Galaxy S3 mini. I would like to know if I can make video call thru skype with it?

  8. Well its really optimised (my cousin owns one), i mean the performance is good for a novathor chipset, but the price is very high, should have been around Rs10,000 or less and its just a revamped S advance with jb out of the box. But its probably guaranteed a further update. The s2 has received officially jelly bean 4.1.2 as of now. I would prefer the s2 cause of its better processor and quality even if its more expensive. Those who want to update manually can head to

    U know i really want to try the new Ubuntu OS, its like what we call “Classy Experience” U guys should check it out. Its definitely a keeper if they iron out lags and buff up performance.

  9. Avinash Meetoo says:

    The S III mini has a VGA front camera. So, in principle, you should be able to use Skype with it.

  10. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Interesting @Nate.

    Ubuntu as an alternative Linux distribution on smartphones and tablets has a lot of appeal. It would be a sad world if the only Linux distribution to run correctly on mobile devices was Android 🙂

  11. @sam
    hey dude you can buy the nexus 4 at in port louis….but you know it is a bit overpriced there..(20000rs)
    quite expensive as you can get it around 12000rs abroad

  12. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Sure about that? I’m trying to get one but I definitely won’t buy it at Rs 20,000 here. Way too expensive!

  13. yeah me too…i’m not going to buy it here.just going to get it from abroad by families living there…mainly in america as it is quite reasonable price there ….around $350 there (only when got stock back ) 🙂

  14. + does anyone know where i can buy the galaxy note 1 and what is its actual price?thanks!

  15. stephen says:

    Hi i use the lg optimus l9 p768. Its new in mauritius and there has currently been an update for jelly bean for this device in many countries like europe 4-5 days ago. Will we also get the OTA update? I dont know if in mauritius we do get Over The Air updates like most countries. Please help

  16. Avinash Meetoo says:

    As far as I know, I got OTA updates on my Nexus One which was purchased in the US. I suppose yours will get OTA updates too.

  17. Kaif Tulloo says:

    Hello everyone.
    I have a new Nexus 4 in box, never used for sale.
    Capacity: 8GB
    Price: Rs 17000

    Contact: 7823574 or by email

  18. Kaif Tulloo says:

    Just a follow up on the Nexus 4:

    The buyer will get a free screen protector film and a wallet-type casing.

    My email is:

  19. Hi

    Would you know by when the Google Nexus 4 would be out in shops? And what would be the approximate price range?

  20. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Don’t count on the Nexus 4 being sold in shops in Mauritius soon.

    It’s so desirable that it’s still tough to buy online. I’m getting mine from Canada and it’s costing me and around Rs 12,000 including all taxes. Someone is bringing it for me here so I’m not worrying about shipping…

  21. Why is that so? Does this mean that there may be issues with this smart phone since the S3 mini which was released in Nov 12 is already here, and it’s the same for the Nexus 4, then why it’s still not in the shops? :S

    I agree with you, this smart phone is the real deal. with all the features, you got the value for money when comparing it to the S3.

    If this is still not available in the coming months, which one should I go for? My price range would be MUR 12k – 16k, and the phone design quite stylish.

    Thanks 😉

  22. Avinash Meetoo says:

    As far as I understand, LG, the manufacturer of the Nexus 4, is having some problems building enough of them to satisfy the world’s population 🙂

    I am getting one mainly to be among the first to get Android 5.0.

  23. Vijayen Gorden says:

    hello there
    to whom it may concern
    i want to know the exact price of samsung galaxy 2 and galaxy 3
    thank you for taking me into consideration
    Vijayen Gorden

  24. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Hi Vijayen,

    There is no such thing as a “fixed price” for goods in Mauritius. Every seller is allowed to sell things at different prices. I would advise you to call Goupille (as they are the distribution of Samsung here in Mauritius) and inquire about the “standard” price. Then shop around. I’m sure other shops and/or smaller resellers might offer the S2 or the S3 (now that the S4 is out) at good prices.

  25. Vijayen Gorden says:

    hello thank you very much buddy,
    but i wanted to know the exact price as i am nott in mauritius right now , am in dubai, so i wanted to know the exact price , thats why i send mail as i though someone can help me , as i can see no one can help with the approximately price
    by the way , you work in newly complex at quatre bornes, right , hope we can meet up someday , i think your office is on the 5 th floor right!
    anyway if you have the approximate price, do let me know before friday please
    thank you again avinash !

  26. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Hi @Vijayen,

    I have just called G-Tech (Goupille) and here are their latest prices:

    Samsung S3: Promo at Rs 22,989.
    S3 Mini: Rs 14,999
    S4: expected next Monday at around Rs 29,000 – 30,000

  27. Vijayen Gorden says:

    hi buddy ,
    hehehe , thank you for having the prices for me , ok i will compare here all right !

  28. westley bazile says:

    when will galaxy note 2 get android 4.1.2 in mauritius? can’t do it through kies

  29. soulreaper says:

    does any1 kno where i can buy an galaxy s2..& watsits acctual price…???\

  30. soulreaper says:

    does any1 kno where i can buy an galaxy s2..& watsits acctual price…???\
    help me out

  31. Avinash Meetoo says:

    The S2 is not sold new, as far as I know.

    Your best bet would be to get one used. There are multiple forums on Facebook for selling/buying things. Alternatively, someone reading this post might be willing to reply to you here.

  32. nissar says:

    when the Samsung galaxy s4 mini will be launch at Mauritius and its price

  33. Avinash Meetoo says:

    We’re asking Samsung and let you know.

  34. hovish says:

    Hi 🙂 is Samsung galaxy s3 mini good for playing games

  35. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Yes. Definitely.

  36. which is better Samsung galaxy s3 mini or Samsung galaxy s2 plus ???

  37. Avinash Meetoo says:

    See for yourself at

    The S II Plus is newer, has a larger screen and a better camera. How much is it here in Mauritius?

  38. 14 400 i have bought it yester day

  39. shyamal says:

    When will Samsung galaxy note 2 get the jelly bean 4.1.2 in Mauritius?

  40. Avinash Meetoo says:

    No idea, to be frank. It all depends on Samsung. Personally, I own Nexus devices and I’m happily running 4.3…

  41. hi i would like to know when is the galaxy s4 mini coming out in mauritius and how much will it cost?

  42. Avinash Meetoo says:

    I would advise you to call Goupille and ask.

  43. Hello I got a Samsung galaxy s3 in good condition … Running on kit kat 4.4.2 cyanogenmob …… Rs 15 000 call me on 00230 59082808


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