Sony Xperia S

Approximate price: Rs 16700

Was one of the few devices capable of competing against the S II (even though the Samsung was released a year earlier), but not in Mauritius due to its availability as from August 2012. By then, the S III was already released and was hot topic, leaving the Xperia S all behind.

It has almost everything to attract people’s attention, except the lack of memory card slot; a 4.3 inches screen with display resolution of 1280×720 pixels, a front and rear camera of 1.3 and 12 megapixels respectively (some people seem to love phones with more megapixels in this country), 1 GB of RAM (you won’t run of memory often and won’t need to close apps in the background frequently as with a 512 MB).

The hardware performance (dual-core CPU @ 1.5 GHz + Adreno 220) is fairly similar to the S II, and even got connectivity ports such as HDMI and USB with OTG (on-the-go) support.

The operating system installed is Android Gingerbread (2.3), but by now, Ice cream sandwich (4.0) should already be available as an official update and Jelly Bean (4.1) as custom ROM.


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  1. Hi, where can I buy the Xperia S in Mauritius please??? I don’t see them at Sony World outlets oO

  2. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Anyone? What did the Sony people tell you?

  3. The Xperia S is available at orange shops or

  4. I’ve asked in sony world at bagatelle, he told me that they do not bring in Xperias..
    I’m looking for this one. Please tell me where I can find it 🙂

  5. Hey Nola. What is its price a ?

  6. You can get xperia at Enterprise Data Servises ( Caudan ) Tel 4651700

  7. how much is a xperia go in mauritius

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