Run Android apps on your PC with YouWave

YouWave is a sort of virtual machine (it uses some VirtualBox components) that will run Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 in a friendly user interface with an easy method of installing apps by just placing apks in a YouWave folder found by default in the “My documents” folder or for Windows 7 in “hardiskletter:\Users\yourusername\youwave”.

While the window is neither resizable nor switched in fullscreen, there’s a  button to switch in horizontal mode that is useful for netbooks with maximum resolution of 1024×600.

Home screen with Dolphin Browser HD and Drag Racing in apps pane.

From the dozen of apps and games tested, only a few installed and ran. These are Dolphin Browser HD and Drag Racing. There’s a bug which prevents apps from being really uninstalled. In fact, after uninstalling an app from “Menu>Manage apps>Clicking on the selected app>Uninstall”, it reappears the next time YouWave is restarted. The only way to get rid of an app at the moment is to start with a fresh YouWave virtual disk. The procedure consists of going to “hardiskletter:\Users\yourusername\.Virtualbox\HardDisks” and deleting the “youwave_vm01.vdi” and making a copy of “youwave_vm01_golden.vdi” to then rename the copy to “youwave_vm01.vdi”.

Apps menu screen.

Apps menu screen scrolled to the bottom.

It’s really a full featured Android Gingerbread operating system that enables you to change the wallpaper, themes, add widgets, configure settings, etc, just like Ice Cream Sandwich x86 or Android 1.6-r2 x86 covered previously, except that for this one you cannot install it as main operating system…

…or probably you can, because in the program files of YouWave there’s a file called “youwave_vm01.iso” that is certainly a live one.

But for the moment I cannot try it, as VirtualBox cannot be installed at the same time with YouWave.

Here, the dialing screen, but of course, as there’s no GSM network on a computer, a message will pop up after composing the number and pressing the green phone to say that there’s no mobile network available.

Here is a (non exhaustive) list of compatible apps seen in the YouTube video at the complete bottom.










YouWave recap details:

Full featured Android Gingerbread 2.3.4

Not a freeware, 7 day full functional trial version available, program license costs $14.99 (Rs 439) (Not recommended to buy it now, wait a few months to see apps compatibility progression)

Program won’t run if VirtualBox is installed at the same time

Apps (and games) that have ARM native code, require Flash, require hardware sensors, or use closed source APIs cannot be run and that includes quite a lot of them (Angry Birds, FIFA 12, GTA III, Opera mobile)

Has a bug which causes uninstalled apps to reappear after closing then re-launching YouWave

Has support for multi-player online games and saving game progress

DOWNLOAD (For Windows only, not supported on WINE (Linux) according to the developer)

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