Latest Android Phones and Tablets available in Mauritius


LG Optimus One P500
Rs 5,130.40
(Rs 5,900.00 vat incl.)

LG Optimus Black P970
Rs 10,590.00
(Rs 12,178.50 vat incl.)

LG Optimus 3D P920
Rs 16,590.00
(Rs 19,078.50 vat incl.)





Mi-Fone Mi-A100
Rs 3,998.00
(Rs 4,598.00 vat incl.)

Mi-Fone A300
Rs 5,173.90
(Rs 5,950.00 vat incl.)






Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
Rs 5,190.00
(Rs 5,968.00 vat incl.)

Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660
(Rs 6,888.50 vat incl.)

Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510
Rs 7,550.00
(Rs 8,682.50 vat incl.)

Samsung GT-I5550
Rs 7,590.00
(Rs 8,729.00 vat incl.)

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
Rs 8,690.00
(Rs 9,993.50 vat incl.)

Samsung Latona i9003
Rs 12,520.80
(Rs 14,399.00 vat incl.)

Samsung Galaxy SPLUS 9001
Rs 14,782.00
(Rs 16,999 vat incl.)

Samsung Galaxy SII I9100
Rs 18,690.00
(Rs 21,493.50 vat incl.)

Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab
Rs 19,391.00
(Rs 22,300.00 vat incl.)

Samsung Galaxy Note
Rs 25,564.00
(Rs 29,399.00 vat incl.)


Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson X8
Rs 6,590.00
(Rs 7,578.50 vat incl.)

Sony Ericssion MT15 Hallon
Rs 13,900.00
(Rs 15,985.00 vat incl.)

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
Rs 13,912.00
(Rs 15,999.00 vat incl.)

Sony Ericsson Neo V
Rs 16,520.80
(Rs 18,999.00 vat incl.)

Sony Ericsson Arc S
Rs 19,129.50
(Rs 21,999.00 vat incl.)











HTC Wildfire S
Rs 8,260.00
(Rs 9499.00 vat incl.)

HTC ChaCha
Rs 9,565.00
(Rs 10,999.75 vat incl.)

HTC Desire S
Rs 14,348.00
(Rs 16,500.00 vat incl.)

HTC Evo 3D
Rs 18,260.00
(Rs 20,999.00 vat incl.)

HTC Sensation
Rs 19,999.00
(Rs 22,999.00 vat incl.)
All prices mentioned are approximate based on information gathered at the time the post was written. We are trying to find a way for prices to become more current. If you are a seller and want your price to be shown, call us on 427-9225.


  1. David Kennedy says:

    Please where can these be found?

  2. Avinash Meetoo says:

    These phones are currently available in the various shops of Mauritius (e.g. Courts, Galaxy, etc.)

    Call them for latest prices and availability.

  3. can we use samsung galaxy s 2 HD LTE in mauritius with orange or emtel. Can anybody help ?

  4. Avinash Meetoo says:

    There’s no LTE in Mauritius. Make sure the phone is compatible with GSM 900 / 3G 2100 and everything should be fine.

  5. Is Samsung Galaxy Ace 2(GT I8160) available in Mauritius???

  6. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Hi Vicky,

    As far as I know, the GT-S5830i (GALAXY ACE) and the GT-S7500 (GALAXY ACE PLUS) are available in Mauritius.

  7. Hi. my query is : what tablet is best? Samsung or orange one? i only need to put some docs n software on it for work. i already hv a s2.

  8. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Hi, Samsung and Orange tablets are different. The Samsung ones have top specs and are expensive. The Orange ones are inexpensive, are less powerful and have substantially worse screens.

    For me, the ideal tablet is the Nexus 7. Unfortunately, it’s not easily available here in Mauritius…

  9. Alain Yong says:

    Which phone is cheapest which i can run skype

  10. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Hi Alain,

    Ideally you would like a phone with a front camera in order to do video calls on Skype. HTC, Sony, LG, Samsung, etc all have cheap phones (mostly running Android 2.3 Gingerbread) which should run Skype comfortably enough.

    Interestingly, most tablets, even the cheapest ones have a front camera (but sometimes lack a rear camera). For instance, I sometimes make Skype calls with my Nexus 7, which only has a front camera, and it’s nice.

  11. Hi, I just bought one HTC EVO 3D online from US and now I got to know it has no SIM slot. It uses CMDA NETWORK. What should I do ? Pls advice.

  12. Avinash Meetoo says:

    You are out of luck, Prakash. There is only GSM in Mauritius…

  13. I would like to know if S4 High copy is o.k to buy and if we do get the spares parts in mtius if ever there is some prob.

  14. Avinash Meetoo says:

    What is a S4 High copy?!?

  15. hi i just want to know the price of samsung galaxy s4 and if you have ps4 the price please??im in reunion island and just want to know the price in mauritius

  16. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Hi Josue,

    The PS4 is not available in Mauritius right now. The S4 is sold at around Rs 23,000 + VAT.

  17. Vivek Vaish says:

    Which mobile should i buy to make Skype call and fast internet access. prefer to have both manual and touch screen. Suggest the cheapest one. Running out of budget otherwise.

  18. Where can I get sony xperia E1 in mauritius?

  19. Avinash Meetoo says:

    I would advise you to give a ring to a Sony shop or 361. They’ll know.

  20. minator jean pierre says:

    want to know where i can find the latest samsung xcover 2

  21. Kishan Takoordyal says:

    Hi, Which phone can I get for the price of r3000 or less ? It should have a large touchscreen (to play games) ,at least 4gb of internal memory and its model should be higher than android 4.0.

  22. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Shop around and ask. I would advise you to buy a reputable brand: LG, Sony, Samsung, etc. for peace of mind. Rs 3000 is somewhat low though for a phone to play games on. As you can guess, games are now designed for high-end phones in mind (with their 3D graphics, etc.)

  23. hii…could u tell me if htc desire 820s is available in mauritius plz??

  24. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Dear Valérie, I would advise you to call MauriSystems and ask as they are the ones who represent HTC in Mauritius.

  25. shikha nuckchadee says:

    these phone are cool and very cheap

  26. akshay says:

    is there samsung galaxy grand max in mauritius

  27. tanveer says:

    is galaxy grand max available

  28. unknow MU boy says:

    What is the meaning of LTE?

  29. Avinash Meetoo says:

    LTE, also known as 4G, is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile devices provided by companies such as Orange or Emtel. It is the successor of GSM/UMTS. In other words, LTE, or 4G, is much faster Internet on phones and tablets. Wifi is something else though.

  30. Is the Oneplus phone already in Mauritius ?and do we have 4g network in Mauritius for Oneplus x ceramic ?

  31. Avinash Meetoo says:

    I think I have seen it at One O One. And we do have 4G in Mauritius.

  32. Hello I’m looking to buy an Android tablet like the Samsung Android galaxy tab 2. but I’m looking for another good brand .any advice which to buy n from where?please include the price also
    Thank you!

  33. Avinash Meetoo says:

    Hi Annie, all the well known brands have quite decent tablets. Personally, I tend to use Nexus tablets and, consequently, tend to favour Asus. But I suppose companies like LG, Sony, Acer, etc. have quite decent offerings. As for prices, they tend to vary a lot. By the way, get a device with at least 2Gb of RAM for future proofing.

  34. Rahul thakur says:

    Hello i m looking for iPhone5s in Mauritius. I want to known the price in dollars. And tell me some other options of same features. And one more thing is it is possible to use this phone in other country like india


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